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Helpful Tips

  • Be on time. Same policies apply as in-office sessions.

  • Set up 5-10 minutes before appointment start time, especially your first-time to ensure you are able to connect successfully.

  • Use earbuds or headphone with a microphone if available. This helps to avoid feedback and background noises.

  • Make sure you provide permission for your audio and camera.

  • Ensure you have a space with privacy during the session to be free of distractions and allow you to be candid.

  • If you have difficulty logging in, contact the office  immediately.

  • The video platform, will work on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers on computers and android phones.

  • For iPhone, please use Safari.

  • No downloads are needed and only your name will be required.

Notice: By using the above link, you are verifying that you (patient) understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives related to a telemedicine visit as provided by Radiating Joy Mental Health Services. A copy of our privacy policy regarding telemedicine visits will be provided.

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