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Prioritizing Yourself Without Being Selfish

Prioritizing yourself allows you the space and time to concentrate on your needs, objectives, goals, and aspirations. Additionally, it implies that you extend to yourself the same degree of kindness and understanding that you do to others.

The investment in your physical, mental, and emotional welfare is self-care. But all too frequently, people think that investment is too expensive.

How to put oneself first without being selfish

Tolerating guilt is one way to put yourself first without being selfish. Any adjustment you make that prioritizes your needs may be met with opposition or difficult emotions. You can feel guilty about putting your needs first for once after spending your entire life taking care of those of others. Guilt is a necessary component of transformation. Learn to put up with those emotions.

Thinking of self-care as your oxygen mask is another approach to prioritize yourself without coming across as selfish. When you board a plane and go through the safety procedures, they always instruct you to put your oxygen mask on first in case of an emergency. You cannot assist people if you lack oxygen. Without taking care of yourself, you can't help anyone else.

Asking for particular assistance can be challenging if you're used to managing everything. Seeking aid can seem weak and like an acknowledgement of your imperfections. However, refraining from taking on more responsibility than required is also a part of self-care. You should be explicit about the task or activity you need assistance with, accept help and show yourself grace when you get it.


Taking care of oneself without feeling selfish or guilty can be challenging. However, giving others your love and attention is easier when you yourself are taken care of. When you prioritize your needs and take care of yourself, you'll be a better friend, lover, and person.



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